Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.54.25 AMShaky came to Cat Sense Feline Hospital in 2009 from a situation which we felt could have put him in great peril. Our staff pleaded his case to Dr. Anne Sinclair to save him from a possible bad fate. At the time, Cat Sense had two clinic cats, Ashleigh and Chaucer, so Dr. Sinclair decided Shaky could be our “upstairs” clinic cat and reside in our boarding area.

shaky1In boarding, Shaky has his own “man cave” for when he must be confined from our boarding guests. Otherwise, Shaky has freedom to occupy common areas of boarding, such as the sofa area and kitchen, when boarders have returned to their condominiums.

shaky3We are proud to report that Shaky is successfully losing weight on a diet tailored just for him by Dr. Sinclair. Way to go Shaky!

A mascot of sorts of Cat Sense’s boarding facility, Shaky is popular with owners of cats who board with us. They often ask fondly about him. Shaky is laid back and likes attention from his family (Cat Sense employees) and clients. Stop by and say hello to Shaky when next you visit Cat Sense.