Tribute to ChaucerWhen Cat Sense opened, Dr. Sinclair was on the lookout for house cats. These cats had to possess qualities that would make them suitable for the position of a hospital cat. She also hoped to find a special needs cat with such qualities. Dr. Tuzo contacted her to let her know that such a cat was at the Baltimore Humane Society. When this handsome cat was evaluated, it was found that he walked on his right front wrist and this had gone on for such a long time that a sore had developed. After tests were run to see if he could be a blood donor, Chaucer made his way to Cat Sense.

His right front wrist had no function, and the open wound was problematic. The solution was to amputate the leg, and this was performed by the staff at the Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center. Chaucer was able to romp and play with his three remaining legs, although he did occasionally experience neuropathic pain from the original injury.

Chaucer enjoyed many years as one of the Cat Sense house cats. He welcomed clients and accepted hugs and scritches with joy. Regular clients would look for him when they came in, and he formed strong bonds with a few very special people.

The years flew by, and suddenly, it was evident that Chaucer was dealing with multiple health issues. He was still a loving boy, but his body was changing and it became more difficult for him to perform his duties as a clinic cat.

When the day came and it was time to say good-bye, clients who knew and loved him came by to hug him one last time. Staff members whispered loving messages into his ear, although it was doubtful that he could hear them. He could feel the love, and when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he took so many hearts with him.

There are many cats waiting to love and be loved. The right cat comes into a person’s life when it is time.

There is only one Chaucer and we are all blessed for having known him.